Simply log onto simply log onto the website and click on Register: I have prepared a form of tutorial below to assist.

Log onto

Complete the relevant details:

Once you have registered an automated email is received by administration at which point the registration will be approved and you will be invited to log in again with the password you generated during registration, with access now to the Market place.

Note: Once your registration has been validated, you will receive a link that will bring you straight to the package’s menu, you can then proceed from there.

Once you have selected your option, you will then be asked to add to your basket:

Once you have done this, you will be offered the option of entering a coupon [ Coupons are issued to sponsors who make a direct payment to the WRO account and do not use the online payment system, the coupon simply zero’s out the balance as it has been paid directly] If you are paying via the online option, you simply proceed to checkout

You will have the option of paying direct from your account on this page also. Once you have placed the order successfully an automated email is sent to you with the link and details so that you can upload your content as per your sponsorship package. There is an online support system build into the website should you need assistance, alternatively please just contact me and I will assist where possible.