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LUKAS Hydraulik

Seit Ende der 40er Jahre werden in Erlangen wegweisende Hydraulikprodukte gefertigt: Zunächst nur für industrielle Anwendungen, kam 1955 der Bereich Aufgleistechnik hinzu und 1972 entwickelte LUKAS als erster Anbieter das erste hydraulische Schneidgerät für den Rettungseinsatz. Ein Grundstein für eine ganze Branche war damit gelegt.

Bullard GMBH

E Rescue

E-Rescue changes forever the way we rescue crash victims

The E-RESCUE is the first post-accident safety system that facilitate the rescue of victims after a bus accident and reduce the emergency services’ intervention time, thus increasing the victims’ chances of survival and minimising injuries. This is the first invehicle system for the immobilization and extrication of victims.

Post Accident Safety

The objective is to immobilize the injured against both their seat back bottom and then fully release the seat to extract from the vehicle the entire ” injured person + seat” assembly all-in-one.

E-Rescue Installed


More than products, we provide Niobium technology and we share with the world our expertise in transforming materials into smarter solutions that can help to build a more sustainable, efficient future for everyone. That’s why we develop Niobium technology. So that the great challenges of today can always have a solution.

eDriving – GFBA Gesellschaft fuer Brandschutzausbildung mbH

The founders of developed the HAUS rule in 2005: the special operating principles for aerial rescue vehicles – indispensable for fast and safe use! is an initiative of GFBA Gesellschaft für Brandschutzausbildung mbH, a company based in Hamburg. With passion and innovative training concepts, has developed into one of the leading providers of training for crews of turntable ladders and aerial work platforms in Europe since it was founded in 2005. The founders Nils Beneke and Jan Ole Unger developed, among other things, the “HAUS rule”, which has already been translated into several languages, and the “deployment scheme for aerial rescue vehicles”. Volunteer firefighter. Professional fire brigade. Plant fire brigade. This is where the broad-based team of specialists for training on turntable ladders and aerial work platforms comes from. This diversity enables the instructors to cater to the needs and requirements of different fire departments. Our motivation is to continuously improve our training concept and to develop it beyond previous standards. Our goal is to establish the training and deployment standards for aerial rescue vehicles across Europe. The future is training – innovative. Tailor-made. Certified.


Find fires and lost firefighters with Lunar, our unique solution offering first-to-market safety advancements for firefighters.

GALLET F1XF, the iconic Structural Firefighting helmet 

F2XR Technical Rescue helmet 

F2XR Technical Rescue helmet


Heavy Rescue Germany

Heavy Rescue Germany is a specialist outfit in the field of technical Rescue.

We provide the following services and products:

  • Sale of specialised rescue and training equipment (Paratech, Leader USAR, own products)
  • Training in a variety of standardised modules including Trench Rescue, Heavy Rescue and many more
  • Consultancy, such as Vehicle concepts and handbooks

Based in Southern Germany, we are five full time employees with a pool of more than twenty trainers. 

Renault Group

engaged in tertiary safety with rescuers for 10 years